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Our team of devoted and highly skilled specialists have considerable experience in the following procedures.

United by a common purpose to help others, we consider it a privilege to be able to treat those in our care. We are committed to providing the very best patient care journey. Your comfort, safety and well-being are our highest priority.


This procedure is used to diagnose a range of conditions. It can also detect early cancer and distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous conditions.


A Colonoscopy is a screening procedure, used to detect Bowel Cancer.  Most people referred for a Colonoscopy do not have cancer, yet it’s important to know for sure.

Endoanal Ultrasound

An Endoanal Ultrasound is a medical procedure in which an ultrasound probe is used to assess deeper structures using sonography.  


Our surgeons are among the most experienced and qualified in New Zealand. It’s important to us that you feel safe and secure in our care. You can read about the expertise of our team here

Paediatric Surgery

Some paediatric medical conditions require surgery for treatment. We have dedicated paediatric surgeons who will provide you and your child with the utmost care and consideration. You can read about their expertise here.


At the start of your treatment with Surgeons on Clarence you’ll be referred to one of our specialists for a consultation. Your doctor will consider your symptoms, medical history and devise a treatment plan. 

For the very best diagnostics, treatment and care - our team is here for you.