Endoanal Ultrasound

When you require an Endoanal Ultrasound

An Endoanal Ultrasound is a procedure in which an ultrasound probe is used to assess deeper structures, such as anal sphincter muscles, using sonography. 

What you need to know

An Endoanal Ultrasound is a relatively new technique for the assessment of a variety of conditions including Faecal Incontinence, Fistula-in-ano, and sometimes the Pelvic Floor.

Some of the reasons your surgeon may recommend an Endoanal Ultrasound are to:

  • Assess anal sphincter muscles in the case of Faecal Incontinence
  • Assess anatomy of Fistula-in-ano
  • Assess the pelvic floor and pelvic organ prolapse

An Endoanal Ultrasound is a minimally invasive procedure. It does not take long to perform, and is not painful (although it can be slightly uncomfortable for some).

This procedure enables your surgeon to gain valuable information about your condition and to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for you.

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